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Tree ring age dating

As I posted previously, planetary magnetic fields give us strong evidence for a young solar system and a young earth.It’s not just that the young-earth theory reproduces data that were known when the theory was produced, but it also predicted data that were not measured until later.Most people who enter into studying tree rings typically come from one of several disciplines: Though dendrochronology also has uses for art historians, medieval studies graduates, classicists, ancient and historians due to the necessity to date some of the materials that the fields will be handling in their research projects.Typically, a bachelor's degree in any of the above disciplines are enough to study the data that comes out of dendrochronology.

There are no degrees in dendrochronology because though it is useful across the board, the method itself is fairly limited.

Wolffia using a increment borer to age-date an old sierra juniper (Juniperus occidentalis var.

australis) on a steep 9,000 foot ridge of Pine Mountain in the San Gabriel Range of southern California.

Since each ring corresponds to roughly one year of growth, making it possible to get a highly accurate estimate of a tree’s age.

This use of tree-ring dating to find the age of a tree is also known as dendrochronology.

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Researchers can also learn about what a tree endured during a particular year by the condition of the ring they are studying.

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