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Dating sites for truck drivers

Budget is available in the contiguous United States, and it offers one-way truck rentals.

Your options include 12-foot, 16-foot and 24-foot trucks.

Additionally, you can rent a tow dolly from Budget, which is best for front-wheel-drive autos, or a car carrier, which is best for four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles.

Budget also rents out furniture pads, which are like large, thick blankets to protect your furniture from the metal interior of a moving truck.

Hollywood knows this perfectly well, and as such has attempted to turn certain cars into “icons” for quite a while, mostly for advertisement purposes. Is it bored Disney executives looking for a new live action hit? Herbie would go on to drive on the road to a love bug empire…

The majority of the time, their attempts are pretty laughable (yeah, take a shot whenever you watch a Marvel movie and see the characters driving a car with a very obvious logo on the front), but sometimes, in some very rare occasions, it actually works! Right up until a movie starring Lindsay Lohan put him in the scrapheap in 2005. Bond has driven a whole lot of cars over his 24 movies – I mean, that’s kind of his thing!

Hand trucks, or dollies, are helpful to have when you're moving heavy objects to and from a rental truck.

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If your heart didn’t skip a beat when Bond unveiled it again in “Skyfall”, you’re not a real fan.

More News Navistar has announced that it will cease production of its medium-duty 9- and 10L engines at the...

Join a trucker on the road once you get to know them and see what truck chat is all about.

Unless your movie’s a fantasy or set in a historical setting, it’s going to feature cars in some form or fashion. And it’s not really that hard to figure out why that is when you think about it – movies are just a reflection of our daily lives, and in reality we use cars to get everywhere and do everything.

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Join Free Now Having an obsession for a trucker or being a trucker yourself who is searching for a romantic encounter, a friendship or something more can be pretty tricky these days.