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She also is well known for her videos while in the shower, a hidden talent if I ever saw one.No clue how long the couple have been together but it does appear Chipper is enjoying the retired life as much as one can.In 20, Jones played left field before returning to third base in 2004.Standing 6' 4" (76 inches (190 cm)) tall and weighing 210 pounds (95 kg) during his playing career, Jones threw right-handed and was a switch hitter.He had three more sons with his second wife, Sharon Logonov — the woman he recently divorced.Chipper Jones knows better than anyone that the rules of baseball also apply to marriage: Three strikes and you’re out.The name Lexi Ray or Lexi Ray Taylor did however set off alarms.Miss Higgins was a one time Co-ed of the week for Playboy magazine from the University of Kentucky under her alias.

He was the MLB batting champion in 2008 after hitting .364.

Chipper Jones is recently retired and the father of four sons.

Like any father around Christmas, Chipper was faced with the task of putting together his sons’ new basketball hoop. So long as you ignore the common household step ladder that is affixed to the hoop.

The Atlanta Braves are bringing back one of the organization’s all-time great players.

The team announced on Thursday that it has hired Chipper Jones as a special assistant in the baseball operations department. He was an eight-time All-Star in 19 seasons, all with the Braves.

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MLB chief baseball officer Joe Torre is expected to announce disciplinary action against those involved in Sunday’s brawl between the Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers as soon as Tuesday.